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Vanessa Goins ly_isabela at yahoo.com
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Jean Paul,  Where to begin?  She was a Seneschal, a hospitaller from
the word 'go'.  And my friend.  Here's a link to the Raptor's homepage
where you can see a picture of her.


She was always cooking feast or working a tavern.  The tavern almost
always turned a profit.  She had a way of putting people at ease.  She
was a warm and funny person who giggled like a teenager.  One of the
more popular Blackfox Warthaven's that appeared, featured her.  She's
standing in her camp as she's setting up.  She looks frustrated and is
stamping feet.  Another character walks up to her and says;
"What's the matter Granny Wolf?"
"I just finished setting up my brand new  threee-man tent and I can't
find the three men anywhere!"
This actually happened at event.  She is really missed and it's hard to
believe how long she and William have been gone.  I'm hopping your
question will prompt some others on this list to share.  But it's still
so painful for many.  I have often wanted to talk about these things
and these memories, but as I've said.  Most people find it too
difficult.  Good grief!  Are those tears I see?  Excus me please...

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> As someone who never met Kendra Kenmare, I am interested in finding
> out
> who this person was and what they meant to Northkeep.
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