[Northkeep] Investiture.

XSadeDelacroixX@aol.com XSadeDelacroixX at aol.com
Tue Nov 27 15:38:39 PST 2001

Wow. What fun I had. Even in the boring hours, the freezing cold, and the soberness around a WolfStar fire, I had fun. Talked to all my "old" friends, and made many new ones. Met my first Knight. Met Their Majesties Duncan and Larissa. Got to serve feast. I worked my butt off, but that was the fun part! Thanks too all who made it fun, especially Beorthlic (spelling?), who helped me assert my name (it's pronounced hee-'DAY, not NEW GUY) and let me help around the feast hall without complaining about my being underfoot. Congrats to all who got awards (Lady Susan the Curious, hehe) and to Their Excellencies Ainar and Mercedes. I hope I have this much fun all the time. Vivat Northkeep!

~~Takeda Hidetsugu

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