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Last year (the one at Will Rogers) I worked with Dagmar during her
feast--she kept calling me her co-feast-o-crat-since she had asked me
earlier to do that and technically I was--but she had it all under
control...she did the research and came up with the menu--all I did was make
dessert, help with a couple of items and help prep the feast to send out...I
know she got some high praises for her feast  :)   (I felt more mentor-ish
than co feast-o-crat).

Northkeep has even done a tavern style feast--(This was at Northern Regional
Warlord a year or so ago) we made tokens (looked like coins) that you
received when you bought feast at gate...then you had to 'pay' for your
feast with the token.  There were a few incidents of rowdy debauchery (I
know sounds like fun doesn't it ;), but it worked well.  The 'tavern' even
had 'serving wenches' (Bell and Anawyn and several others were
'appropriately garbed as wenches :)  The 'tavern' was open for 3-4 hours and
when you were ready to eat you just came in and sat down and were properly
accosted (err I mean waited-on) by the wench staff.  If you were 'bad' (and
a few people were) you had to deal with the 'tavern owner' -HL Therese
Giovanni... It was a lot of fun and I think it would be a lot of fun to do
it again. :)


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I think that I would like to see a combination of tavern and feast next
year.  The soups during the day were wonderful, and I heard that the pig was
very tasty.  I think that a feast could be a good thing, though.  I'm sure
one of our more experienced feast-o-crats would be willing to mentor someone
who has never cooked for that number........

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> Planning next years Margrave (Yes Already) I was asked.. should we have a
> tavern like the one we had this year? And If so should we have the Soups?
> For those of you who was there I would appreciate your input (Your
> Excellency Mercedes I already have a check by your name in favor of the
> soups lol specially the chicken and dumpleings).
> Thanky for the use of bandwidth.
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