[Northkeep] Kendra

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 09:26:47 PST 2001

I have a terrible time remembering people's names and for awhile I tried
the association game.  It sometimes works.   Kendra I associated with
Kindness.  She was the first person who ever made me feel totally
welcome and at ease in the SCA.  I can't say I knew her _well_, but I
enjoyed every encounter I had with her.  She was witty, flirtatious, and
hard working.  When I was new to the SCA, I was very reserved and shy.
I was absolutely delighted watching Kendra as she flirted and joked with
  an ability that can only be described as an art.  She respected other
people and their beliefs.  I saw her hurt, but never angry.  But now,
when I call her to mind she's always smiling.  Like Kelandra, I hope
someday to get to know her better in a better place.


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