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 I agree that is one thing I missed this year was there was no feast, you could do a Tavern for lunch...
Ldy Angelina
  Mercedes de Cerdanya <steldr at home.net> wrote: I think that I would like to see a combination of tavern and feast next
year. The soups during the day were wonderful, and I heard that the pig was
very tasty. I think that a feast could be a good thing, though. I'm sure
one of our more experienced feast-o-crats would be willing to mentor someone
who has never cooked for that number........

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> Planning next years Margrave (Yes Already) I was asked.. should we have a
> tavern like the one we had this year? And If so should we have the Soups?
> For those of you who was there I would appreciate your input (Your
> Excellency Mercedes I already have a check by your name in favor of the
> soups lol specially the chicken and dumpleings).
> Thanky for the use of bandwidth.
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