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Vanessa Goins <ly_isabela at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Well, I'd like to hear about it.  If you'd prefer you can send it to me
>off list and I'll forward it to RaptorNet.

No S*** There We Were,  In the bar fight from...

The fight-o-crat  had obtained a _bunch_ of cardboard sheets.  I don't know if they were cut down boxes or not.  He'd built up tables by gluing 4-5 layers of cardboard together and then gluing carpet tubes at the corners for legs.  They were solid enough they'd hold some gear but not a person.   They were 4 to 5 feet across, some were square some were rectangular.

The walls were delineated by hay bales.   Kills from behind were allowed by placing your weapon across the eye slots of the opponents and telling them they were dead.

There were about 25 fighters in the bar.  You were only allowed weapons you would bring to a bar;  short (24" or less) swords, maces, and knives.  We started with our weapons on the table in front of us.  At the lay-on it would be everybody for themselves.

Most of us grabbed our weapons and started clubbing.   Normal right?   My squire brother, in one of his typically inspired moves, tossed the table in front of him into the air scattering the weapons of everybody at his table to the four winds.   While his tablemates are panicing he pulls a leg off the table and clubs the guy next to him with it.  Destroyed the table leg but it bought him time to run around and pick up a real sword.

One fellow grabed his sword then tipped a table on edge and used it as a shield until my mace went through it.  He'd been holding onto a leg and my mace shot tore the table off it so he used the leg to block with and killed me with his sword.

Someone even got hit with a table.  Did't kill him, but while he was trying to get the cardboard unwrapped from around himself he got stabbed.

The brawl ended when two of the last three double killed.  Then it occurred to us...Fernando had won the bloody fight without actually _fighting_ anybody.   One unarmed guy clubbed with a table leg and the rest of his kills were from behind.   Sneaky, underhanded... Gotta keep your eyes on this guy.

It was a blast.

We thought up a varient later.  Keep everybody limited to dagger length weapons.  Then make a bunch of fake weapons (cardboard, foam, tire flap) which looked like rattan weapons to hang around the walls.  Hang some real ones there as well.   You don't know what you've got until you grab it.   The fake weapons could be made so they'd actually work once or twice.

Selwyn and I discussed doing this years ago but never got it together.


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