[Northkeep] Movie question and TV thing

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Nov 30 09:26:17 PST 2001

I have a question for you all,
(ok, that is why I warned you with Curious in the name, I always have

How many people are interested in getting together for movie nights?

For our family Christmas present, we got a DVD and movies and many of them
are of a medevial theme or spoof there of and I am interested in how many
would like to get together to watch movies?

If there is a large interest, I can get us a room somewhere and do it.  But
if it is just a smallish group, we can do it over at my house as I can fit
about 12-20 or so comfortably in my livingroom.  It is frustrating to get a
room elsewhere and then end up with a number that would have fit in my
livingroom.  As a preface, my house isn't childproofed and if you brought
kids along they would need to stay in with us.  Peg's stuff will probably
be off limits, as there is too much of it to put it up out of the reach of
little ones and a blanket policy is the easiest.

If there is a large responce and we do this elsewhere, it will probably be
under the auspices of the Hospitaller's office.

If it is just a few who are interested and we are doing it at my house, it
will be done as a private citizen.  I struggle greatly with things that
become exclusive, but also have learned to face the reality of I can only
be gone so many nights a week and also that having a large number of people
over to my house at once isn't a good idea.  Also, I have no ability to
tolerate smoke, so if you come over you will need to go to the yard to
smoke and take any butts home with you, I will provide ziplocks.  Also, if
your clothing is saturated with smoke, I won't be able to handle it in the
house, yes I am patheticly affected by it.  Also, no drinking in the house,
beyond one or two drinks if you bring it with you. (I have to thank my many
mentors who have encouraged me to speak plainly, so as not to complain
later, sorry if I appear rude by my directness)

So, if you are interested, write me at Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net
Let me know how often you would be interested in doing this,
what nights work for you,
time frame, like on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon,
how much notice you would need,
which movies listed are of interest to you,
How many hours you would like watching, or # of movies,
potluck or snacks,
need a chair or crashing on floor with pillows is fine,
allergies, I have cat's so my house is out if you can't be around them,
how I can contact you and MKA for making calls,
ages of kids you would be bringing,
# of people with you,

also include, any other movies you have that you would like to bring along,
popcorn machine or anything else that we would enjoy utilizing and any
other pertanent info I would need to know

If I get a few who are interested, we can start doing this fairly often.  I
think Kit and I will be healthy enough to possibly do this tonight or
tomarrow.  With Jim out of town so much of the time, it would be based on
his schedule, as he likes for us to actually spend time with him when he is
home.  From those who are interested in the different times and movies, I
will contact you and we can arrange some of these.  I will probably be
targeting Friday and Saturday nights as Kit's school is taking up much of
her time and cutting down on our late nights out.

Movies we have on DVD, all the options look too cool:
Monty Python's Grail,
Knight's Tale,
Princess Bride,
Snow White,
13th Warrior,
3 Muskateer's with Sutherland and O'Donnall

Ever After,
Robin Hood (not sure how many incarnations)
The Mummy and other stuff

Susan the ever Curious one

for a listing of what is on TV and of interest documentry wise, check out,

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