[Northkeep] Crown Tournament Plans

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Robert -

Ainar and I are leaving around 4 on Friday but we're going to crash at my
sister's in Dallas Friday night - I see her fairly infrequently so I try to
take any opportunity........  Anyway, we're planning on getting up early
Saturday and going down to site, we should be on site by 10:00 at the
latest.  Oh, BTW Ian, does the vow to take part in all the tournaments
before Investiture include Crown????????  (she said innocently...)

We're also heading out for Houston after court Saturday night to catch the
traveling Smithsonian Viking exhibit at the MNH before it heads home so
we're not actually coming home until Monday....

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  With several of us planning to attend Crown this weekend I wanted to
suggest that we see if we can caravan.  I'm planning on getting out of Tulsa
around 6:00 Friday.  I thought perhaps we might take one or two trucks to
haul gear and a car or two full of people.  That way we save a little money
and have company for the long drive.  Is anyone else interested in doing

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