[Northkeep] Crown Tournament Plans

Stephanie Drake steldr at home.net
Mon Oct 1 14:05:09 PDT 2001

Hee hee hee, I was just ribbing him a little..........talk about smack a
seneschal!!!!  We are sitting together at feast, though, right??? A little
Northkeep contingent?

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> Robert said>>  With several of us planning to attend Crown this weekend I
> wanted to
> suggest that we see if we can caravan.  I'm planning on getting out of
> around 6:00 Friday.  I thought perhaps we might take one or two trucks to
> haul gear and a car or two full of people.  That way we save a little
> and have company for the long drive.  Is anyone else interested in doing
> this?
> I'll check with Ian when he gets home from work but I think it is a good
> idea.  :)
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> Mercedes said>>Oh, BTW Ian, does the vow to take part in all the
> before Investiture include Crown????????  (she said innocently...)
> I can say with conviction that Ian will not be competing in Crown :)  He
> might take his gear for pick up fights afterwards however...
> :)
> Kelandra
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