[Northkeep] Crown

Fitzmorgan@cs.com Fitzmorgan at cs.com
Tue Oct 2 19:04:45 PDT 2001

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       I checked the web page for the event.  The Add in the Black Star looks
like they don't have camping on the site but the Web Page says they do.  I
was wondering if the rest of the people going to Crown were planning on
camping or getting a Hotel.  I'd camp before I'd get a room for just myself
but if some of us would like to get together and split a room or two I'd be
interested in that.  If we are camping I'd like to camp together and bring
along some banners to let people know we are there.  If we're traveling
together how about we take along the Baronial radios to keep in touch on the
       I'll be a fighter practice tomorrow if anyone wants to get together
and plan this.


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