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Derek Wilson dwilson at dollarcar.com
Wed Oct 3 07:45:34 PDT 2001

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Well....having hauled the poles for this pavilion to its inaugural event, I
must warn you this is not your everyday sun pavilion right Zahava :)

Diethelm Waltorfer
Derek Wilson

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Not having a pavilion of my own, I would sit under your pavilion, gladly. :)
I would also be glad to bring some munchie type things so that we could do a
communal lunch kind of thing.  (I might even be able to make a batch of

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> I won't be able to make it to fighter practice,
> but....
>  I think that it would be a good idea to take the
> radios-- keeping in touch during such a long trip is a
> good idea if the party actually wants to stay
> together. I am reminded of Gulf this last year....
> Although we did get back together, we were out of
> sight from one another after the first toll stop on
> the turnpike!!!
> I think that I would really prefer to camp, but if the
> vote is for hotel (granted it is a cheap hotel-- no
> Embassy Suites for me this trip!) I'm still in.
> Zahava
> P.s. If we want, I now have a huge 10x20 pavillion....
> do we want to bring it?
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> >        I checked the web page for the event.  The
> > Add in the Black Star looks
> > like they don't have camping on the site but the Web
> > Page says they do.  I
> > was wondering if the rest of the people going to
> > Crown were planning on
> > camping or getting a Hotel.  I'd camp before I'd get
> > a room for just myself
> > but if some of us would like to get together and
> > split a room or two I'd be
> > interested in that.  If we are camping I'd like to
> > camp together and bring
> > along some banners to let people know we are there.
> > If we're traveling
> > together how about we take along the Baronial radios
> > to keep in touch on the
> > road?
> >        I'll be a fighter practice tomorrow if anyone
> > wants to get together
> > and plan this.
> >
> > Robert
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