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Ok - let's try that one again - 10 pointed star in red, voided - does that
mean the star is just an outline?  With a white center and then the black
tower?  Or am I misunderstanding voided?

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Check with Thorvald and or Angus.

The original NK expeditionary force tabards have the archery target on them.
Baroness Catrin made them.

IIRC its the ten pointed star in red, voided, with the black tower in the
middle.  White field. (You'd think I'd remember this having just painted it
on the book cover.)


Miriam Cook <zahavabathannah at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Cool! Can we scan it and get it up in the website?
>That would be very very useful!
>--- "Addington, Debbie, A"
><daaddington at saintfrancis.com> wrote:
>> Black star, white center with a keep in the center.
>> I think.
>> Oh,   which by the way, there is a black and white
>> graphic in the library
>> that could be blown up to size for those so
>> inclined.
>> maidenhair
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>> > Speaking of banners - what is the device that the
>> general populace is
>> > allowed to wear for Northkeep?  A simple
>> description in laymen's terms
>> > please :)
>> >
>> > Mercedes
>> >

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