[Northkeep] Words from the Crown

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Thu Oct 4 10:08:59 PDT 2001

Greetings Unto Our Most Beloved Barony of Northkeep.

Many of you witnessed the Oath of the Candidates at Weisenfeure in which
each couple has sworn to take an active role in supporting the Barony, no
matter what the selections conclusion was.

The Barony has spoken with a resounding voice that each man, woman and child
is tired of strife and anger, and want the healing to being within the
Barony and the Northern Region.

We have seen your faces and looked into your eyes and We believe in Our
hearts that this is true.

We are very proud of Northkeep, your membership has stayed strong through
all the controversy, and you all have worked to reach out hands of
friendship to the Baronies surrounding you, as well as each shire and each
growing new group.

We applaud you for everything you have accomplished, and We are proud of the
great chivalry you have shown.

After hearing the voices of Our Populace, and counseling with each other,
Our decision Unto the Barony for Our new Landed Vassals is thus.

We Duncan and Larissa do hereby call to Serve the Lands of Northkeep, Her
People, and the Kingdom of Ansteorra Lord Ainar Magnusson and Lady Mercedes
de Cerdanya as the future Baron and Baroness of Northkeep.

We anticipate the Baronial Investiture for Northkeep to be one of the
Greatest Events Ansteorra has even beheld.

Duncan,  Rex                      Larissa, Regina

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