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Thu Oct 4 10:39:37 PDT 2001

Vivat! TRM
Vivat! TE Ainar & Mercedes

Timothy of Northkeep

>Greetings Unto Our Most Beloved Barony of Northkeep.
>Many of you witnessed the Oath of the Candidates at Weisenfeure in which
>each couple has sworn to take an active role in supporting the Barony, no
>matter what the selections conclusion was.
>The Barony has spoken with a resounding voice that each man, woman and
>is tired of strife and anger, and want the healing to being within the
>Barony and the Northern Region.
>We have seen your faces and looked into your eyes and We believe in Our
>hearts that this is true.
>We are very proud of Northkeep, your membership has stayed strong through
>all the controversy, and you all have worked to reach out hands of
>friendship to the Baronies surrounding you, as well as each shire and each
>growing new group.
>We applaud you for everything you have accomplished, and We are proud of
>great chivalry you have shown.
>After hearing the voices of Our Populace, and counseling with each other,
>Our decision Unto the Barony for Our new Landed Vassals is thus.
>We Duncan and Larissa do hereby call to Serve the Lands of Northkeep, Her
>People, and the Kingdom of Ansteorra Lord Ainar Magnusson and Lady Mercedes
>de Cerdanya as the future Baron and Baroness of Northkeep.
>We anticipate the Baronial Investiture for Northkeep to be one of the
>Greatest Events Ansteorra has even beheld.
>Duncan,  Rex                      Larissa, Regina
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