[Northkeep] Vivat and Vivat again! Ainar and Mercedes

Anawyn@aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Thu Oct 4 17:47:30 PDT 2001

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As one of your willing subjects, I wish to extend congratulations for your
forthcoming ascention to Baron and Baroness. This will be a wonderful
beginning for all of us, and an opportunity for Northkeep to polish up and
shine again. I hope we can make the day of investiture, one which will be a
time of delight, and which will provide the fondest of memories for you.
I offer thanks, as I am sure we all do, for all the candidates who stepped
forth. It took courage to offer yourselves for this position of leadership,
and we are grateful that we had such fine couples to choose from.
Can't get enough of good news, that's for sure. Onward to investiture! Vivat!
In Service

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