[Northkeep] Repost of Tahlequah demo info

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Oct 5 05:32:07 PDT 2001

Tamberlin wrote:
>Thank you.  We'll have our pavalion & misc chairs.
>But we havn't managed to snag any tables for Camp as

Sorry for not having gotten back to you.  I will hopefully be going to
Tahlequah tomarrow and making some arrangements about the demo.  One of the
things I am looking at doing is to see if we can use a couple of rooms in
Seminary Hall.  If we do that, arranging for scribal arts to be done there
will be one of the things I will look at.  Otherwise, I have a few tables
that I can bring along or we can ask Thorvald and Jessamy to bring their
wonderful tables that they brought to the Dionader/Ensign Tourney.  Thanks
you again for that, they were wonderful.

As for the other uses of the rooms at Seminary Hall, I was hoping we might
have several lecture/classes about various aspects of the SCA during the
day there.  There could be a different thing on every half hour with them
lasting about 20 minutes.  It would just give an overview of what is
available in the SCA and then conversations could be continued on the lawn
afterwards.  If you would be interested in giving one of these, please let
me know so I can work up a schedule and include the info in our adds.  If I
get enough of a comittment to turn out, I hope to invite the community out
for the day.  Thus far our working title for the day is 'A day of Swords
and Song', if you have a better suggestion let me know.

Thanks all and I hope this can be a wonderful day of unity and play,


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