[Northkeep] Responsibilities of being entourage (was accosting plumage)

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Well, I was hoping that someone else would post
first.... but since no one has (I am assuming that no
one wants to be first....) I will.  What are the
responsibilities of being entourage?  Well... I think
that there are several different levels of
responsibility-- there is of course making sure that
Her Excellency isn't trying to lug a heavy box around
(especially when in full court garb getting ready for
some huge important thing).  Helping His Excellency
set up their tent (if they are not camping), and more
of the same type of general labour that is part of it.
 I also think that it is the job of the entourage to
make sure that if TE's desire it, there is cabin space
or feast reservations, or special needs requirements
are all taken care of.  Entourage should take care of
all of the ... the word isn't "mundane" because that
carries very different connotation in the SCA... but
those things that in period would have been very
mundane, very everyday, type things.  And of course--
a person in the entourage really needs to just listen!
 Listen to what TE's say, listen to how they would
like  to "be managed."  As we know, Sigen and Thorgrim
weren't really into the pomp and circumstance of a
formal court.  This went for other things as well...
Like not wanting a member of the Guard to follow them
around, and other types of things.  To tell the truth,
I'm not even sure if they HAD entourage. But I am sure
that all of that was because that was what THEY
wanted.  I know that leaves a lot of work in the
decision making process up to the Nobles, but the
whole point for the  entourage it make the lives of
the Nobles easier, and the entourage (usually) can't
read minds.

Okay, Zahava has said what she will...

In Service!

--- Stephanie Drake <steldr at home.net> wrote:
> But if we had it all the time people would get sick
> of it.  Trust me!!!!
> Even Barn can't eat it like he used to (and
> shouldn't - it's bad for you,
> after all.)  I'm sure I'll be able to make a small
> supply every now and
> then..............
> Entourage - I've been thinking about that a lot.
> What does everyone see as
> the responsibilities of being entourage?  What is
> entailed in the job?  Can
> we discuss that today, maybe?  I'd be interested in
> people's views.
> Mercedes
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> > I am thinking at this time she should be fishing
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> will fill these requests
> for
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> > I am so happy for both of you, Vivat.  You will
> serve us well and we will
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> can.
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