[Northkeep] Responsibilities of being entourage (was accosting plumage)

Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Fri Oct 5 13:55:05 PDT 2001

Greetings Northkeep,
    I am going to jump in here and impinge on your hospitality for a moment.
Having served as both entourage and as a Landed Noble I have seen both sides
of the coin. What Zahava and Amanda have said are both very true. It's the
entourage's job to make sure that the small everyday things get taken care
of. Exactly what those things are and how they are divided between Noble and
entourage is up to them to work out.
    The biggest job my lady in waiting does for me is to just listen and
then keep her mouth closed. She has acted as my pressure valve more than
once to enable me to work a problem out of my system in private so that I
could best serve my people by being gracious in public. It's not an easy job
for either her or me, but,.we're learning.
    The hardest part for me in going from being one of the workers in the
trenches to being "the Noble" was learning to enable others, in other words
learning to let others do for me, my lord and the Barony without feeling
that I had to jump up and take care of it myself. VERY HARD transition when
I had been part of the pit crew for so long. I haven't quit working, I've
just had to learn a new part of the job.
    My lady in waiting travels with me quite a bit but, if you can't do that
don't think you can't be entourage. You may be the one who routinely helps
with scrolls, with helping to make garb, with making sure that Mercedes eats
or any of the myriad other things that have to happen at home when your
Barony is hosting the rest of the known world. It could be that several of
you could rotate the traveling duties. We also pay site and feast fees for
our entourage when they travel with us, this is not required but is by our
choice. They give of their time and their labor for us and it's our way of
letting them know that we appreciate the sacrifices they make to do this
arduous job.
    All of that being said, let me also tell you that being entourage was
one of the two most fulfilling jobs I've held in my time in this game. The
other has been being blessed with the honor and the burden, for it can be a
burden at times, of being asked to serve as  the 4th Baroness of Namron.
    Some Nobles work better solo, some work better with a team. Ainar and
Mercedes will do you proud. It will take them about a year to 18 months to
get their feet under them, learn the job and learn what they need to make
this work best for them and for your Barony. Be patient with each other, ask
for things to do to help, learn to ask for help and continue showing the
tolerance and patience I have seen displayed in the past few months and both
Their Incoming Excellencies and your Barony will be fine. I have faith in
all of you my friends. Keep up the good work.

Baroness of Namron
see you at Protectorate

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