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Oh really, feel free to use whatever I post as is helpful. Man that's a lot
of people but then again Tulsa is a large city.

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Hi I'm Zahava!

After reading your question I decided to in-formally
figure out how many people actively play here in
Northkeep.  This was totally subjective, I just went
thru the "members and personae" section on the NK web
site. Scrolling thru the names, I counted 80 people
that I know for sure are actively playing here.  What
I mean by actively playing here is that at any give
fighter practice, needleworkers', scribal, or Populace
meeting, I know that I have a good chance of seeing
them. This of course is again merely subjective, as
not all of the people in the Barony are even listed on
that page and it is only my perception.

But I think that we can safely say that this Barony
has a wonderful support structure of all of the poeple
who work their tails off for fun!

Morgana, sorry for using your post as a bit of a soap
box.... Welcome to the Greatest Barony in the Known


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