[Northkeep] Largess: Baltic Amber necklaces

Istvan Temesvari istvan at micahtek.com
Mon Oct 8 07:32:21 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the Barony of Northkeep!

I have discovered a source of *real* baltic amber necklaces, of various
colors (from light honey to nearly red). During my online searching, I
found found a seller on eBay, known as MillenniumS, from the Russian
Federation (Kaliningrad, to be specific). His prices and shipping rates
seem reasonable (if they are not, please enlighten me). Shipping (from
Russia) is $3.50 for a 17-21 inch necklace, which has a starting bid price
of $9.00.

My reason for informing the list is so that others may contribute to our
crown, our new baron and baroness, and to the general largess. I would
request that members of Northkeep do not bid against each other, if they
are attempting to buy these for largess.

If you are unfamiliar with searching on eBay, you may email me directly,
to avoid unnecessary list traffic.

Vivat Ansteorra!
Vivat Northkeep!

Istvan Temesvari (istvan at micahtek.com)

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