[Northkeep] Truth

Trish Kvamme oneblondemuse at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 8 07:54:32 PDT 2001

"Why would the queen pick such unpopular candidates.
Lets face it ANY other choice was better. Oh, I see.
You thought they won by majority. No, No, my friends,
cell phones are very clear on scanners (the Queen
reported the votes by cell phone after the polling).
and the few votes they got were no majority."

***  Melodrama's have always struck me as odd and surreal....***

Giggle, smirk, Queen rolls on floor laughing....

cell phone in scanners....heheheheh!

Um....The King couldn't hear me, he was on one too coming from Bryn
Gwlad....hehehehe, what secret disclosed numbers?

*ROFLMAO* Good people, forgive me, the ridiculousness of this swept right
past me in my anger and wish to defend you from such ugliness.

This is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

Um.....My husband and I did not discuss figures, I asked if I could announce
and he asked that I wait so he could talk to me about the whole process and
see the polling and be involved.

Oh, and I think he asked me out to a movie before my battery died....he may
have even said he loved me *:)....


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