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Rick Drake ainarm at home.net
Mon Oct 8 16:45:28 PDT 2001

Just a quick reply.
Oh if you only knew us you would no better.  I truly hope you can get over
your anger and become a productive member of our group.  I welcome everyone
even those I don't personally like.  So if you ever will come out in the
open and admit who you are I would love to discuss issues with you.  Oh and
btw.  The books for the group are open for public inspection at any time by
law.  So if you would like to go over them and show me where my lady has
embezzeled money I would appreciate it.
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To All of Northkeep,

Some words from the wise to the wise. Time to hear
some truth. Are you attempting to get a grip on the
choice of her Majesty? Well here comes some truth.

I speak from the shadows of the political realm. Dark
and dank, the news is bleak. We have been blessed by
our gracious Queen with the next Baron and Baroness.
"The populace spoke". The Queen has listened. Then in
spite of the vote, she made her choice.

Let us examine the resultant heirs. We have Ainar the
cow giver, rhino hider deluxe and Mercedes destroyer
of sites. Just what DID she do to lose that site for

Of course these things are trivial in comparison to
HUNDREDS of missing dollars Mercedes can not account
for. What ? You did not know of the "accounting
problems".  Ask. You will know the truth. Just as our
Queen knows the truth.

Why would the queen pick such unpopular candidates.
Lets face it ANY other choice was better. Oh, I see.
You thought they won by majority. No, No, my friends,
cell phones are very clear on scanners (the Queen
reported the votes by cell phone after the polling).
and the few votes they got were no majority.

Why pick known unpopular candidates? Why pick a
candidate under a VERY heavy cloud of suspicion (the
Queen does know about the missing money)? Why pick
candidates the Cousins are in arms about (their
Majesties know the cousins desires. I assure you.)?

It is simple. The BOD meets soon and the vote on
Thorgrim and Sigend is known unto our Majesties they
have worked hard to see to the outcome.  Our Queen
believes She can heal the North by placing the old
plague back on the chairs. She needs a couple that
will step down voluntarily, as they have sworn, or, if
need be, can be forced down with the much needed
investigation to come.

Well as it is said....  eliminate the impossible and
no matter how improbable .... you have the truth.

I am pleased to have brought this to you. ACT! Do not
let the few play games with us. Let your voice be
heard ask questions until you get the answers. Do not
take my words for it. Find out for your self.

There is more to come. Look for my words........

Truth Teller

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