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Yes - it's an indoor exhibit - very cool.  There's even a couple of cases
where they have chrysalis hanging and the butterflies are hatching.......
If you sit still long enough some of them will even land on you.......  The
girls would love it.  The Museum of Natural Science - it's in a park with a
bunch of other museums.  It has an IMAX and a Planetarium.......  I wish we
had better museums in Tulsa.

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> >And it was tempting to loot the exhibit - lots of cool stuff!!!!!  It was
> >little smaller than I had anticipated but we had a good time.  If any of
> >ever get down that way, the museum has the greatest butterfly exhibit.
> >like a little rainforest mockup with live butterflies everywhere.
> >Absolutely gorgeous!!!
> >
> >Mercedes
> Unless they decied to do something else, Jim is now attached to a contract
> in Houston on a permanent basis.  They will get him an apartment and all
> that.  They will continue to fly him home twice a month, so we will just
> schedule his visits home around events and I will have my mom stay with
> some and go visit him down there; letting Peg go or stay home as she
> likes.  So, any other suggestion of things to do while down there?  I had
> heard there was a basketweaver in the local group there and so I will try
> to make it out to some of there stuff when visiting.
> Are the butterflies there year around?
> Susan
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