[Northkeep] Etienne

Darin Herndon darin_herndon at bswintl.com
Tue Oct 9 15:22:18 PDT 2001

Mercedes, et al.,

The utulsa account for Rosamund and Etienne is dead right now.  To
reach me (Etienne), use my work account (darin_herndon at bswintl.com).  To
reach Rosamund (for now), please use the Northkeep Herald's account
(northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org).  When/If this changes, we will
happily post the news.


>>> steldr at home.net 10/09/01 04:45PM >>>
Hey - I keep getting messages I send to Etienne back saying his e-mail
account is expired.  Etienne - are you there?  Do you have a new addy
or is
utulsa just having hiccups??


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