[Northkeep] A solution to a mar on Northkeep's honor

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As a public relations consultant in mundane life, I deal with a lot of
clients who need to do damage control after an ugly incident. If Northkeep
were my client, here is what I would recommend:
(1) that Dairmont NOT post his e-mail address online.
I think he would be bombarded with e-mails, both apologitic and
agurmentitive in nature. I think being overwhelmed by e-mails could only
increase his bad picture of Northkeep.

(2) Not try to point fingers or find out who the person spoke to, as that
will only be more divisive and cause more hard feelings.
But we can all take this as a lesson that when we are out in public in any
sort of demo or event or afterglow, that we must be friendly and helpful and
to others, both SCA and mundanes. We must make a special point to welcome
new people and make them feel at home with us. We have all been new at one
time or another and know how hard it is to be "new". Especially in the SCA
when even the clothes and the language are new, not just the people.

(3) We as members of the Northkeep list do not post disparaging things to
say about this person, but look at it as a lesson we can learn from. We
should be thankful to him that he has had enough courage to say something so
that we can ALL pay more attention to how we treat others.

(4) Ian and Robert e-mail the person with a sincere apology and tell him
Northkeep is actually a friendly and hospitable barony. And post a copy of
the letter (with no name or e-mail address) on Northkeep list for everyone
to see. Appologies are always difficult, especially if you are apologizing
for someone else.

(5) That Ian and Robert invite him to our investiture as our guest to show
him what the people of Northkeep are really like.

(6) Make sure at all our events, populace, afterglow, fighter practices,
etc., that we are plesant and welcoming and treat others well and offer them
hospitality --be that info, or a kind word, or just a smile and a an
introduction. Certainly we can ALL do that.

That is what I would advise Northkeep to do. I think it would go a long way
to help overcome a bad experience this person had.
Remember, people tell others good things about a company or group to only
about five of thier friends; people tell bad things about a company or group
to about 25 or more of their friends. It's a an marketing adage that is
quite true.

Okay. That's all I have to say.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> At 11:35 AM 10/10/01 -0400, Damon wrote:
> >>Reread the _whole_ text of the original post.  Then ask yourself, "How
do I
> >> make sure _I'm_ not the one who turns people away?"  Once you've
> >>that, _and_put_it_into_action_.  Enough will have been said and done.
> Thank you.  Exactly.
> I have nothing more to say on this topic.
> If you want to argue with this guy, you can wait until I get his email
address and post it here,
> or you can go to the Mooneschadowe list, sign on and seek out his address
in the Members
> list.  I know it's there.
> M/D
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