[Northkeep] Revel on the 20th

Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Wed Oct 10 10:31:38 PDT 2001

Angus, to be Together, Unitied, and Supportive we must communicate.  If
you didn't post anything about a first Revel and communicate it to the
masses you shouldn't get you knickers in a bunch when someone does
something else.
I don't empty my trash bin very often so I have all the e-mail I have
received since the 2nd of July and I can't find anything about a revel
scheduled for the 20th.  Did you maybe just talk among yourself and
forget there were other people in the Barony.
If you notice the first posting of this Revel was from Robert on Monday
the 8th of Oct. when the revel was conceived.  Robert the Vicar of
Northkeep did not mention anything about a revel already being planned.
Thorvald talked with Mercedes last night she didn't mention any other
revel  Thorvald is a fighter and he was not aware that a revel had been
So who's toe are we steping on.
I know that you, Karl, Viggen, and other like to go yearly to
Octoberfest, there is no problem with that.  Thorvald and I have gone
with you guys in the past.
Dirgelion and Otar was planning to start the revel around 6 PM with
feeding the masses.  Why couldn't all who are interested in a revel come
by for a little while, eat and socialize, and then go there different
ways from there.  Her home is not out of the way from Octoberfest, so
those wanting to go could meet there and leave when they wanted, that
way you wouldn't be trying to find each other at Octoberfest.  Usually
you don't meet there till 8 or so anyway.
This would enable all to congratulate Ainar and Mercedes as our new
Baron and Baroness.  Show that we can still be united and different at
the same time.  Those who want to go to Octoberfest can and those who
don't can stay and have fun at Dirgelion and Otars.

Angus Mac wrote:

> Togetherness,Unity, and Support...
> I know lets plan 2 revels at the same time so those
> nasty heavy weapons guys won't show up and ruin all
> our fun...
> sure thing, hows this for unity
> I'll go to Octoberfest( the true Post revel )
> and everybody else can just GO....
> Angus Macknochard
> --- Geni Gorham <geni_rn at swbell.net> wrote:
> > Dirgelion and I talked prior to her talking with
> > Robert.   This would be a
> > chance to prove to all that we as a Barony, will
> > stand behind and support our
> > new Baron and Baroness.  That we would could
> > together as a group and say
> > congratulations.  We are still united in going forth
> > to show the Knowne World we
> > are still the Greatest Barony.  I have talked with
> > Thorvald, Heather, and
> > Magnus, and I have not talked with Eitenne,
> > Rosemund, Ian, and Kalandra but I
> > know each of them will support this unity and out
> > new Baron and Baroness.
> > Jessamy
> >
> > Fitzmorgan at cs.com wrote:
> >
> > > --
> > > [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
> > > Dirgelion has asked me to annpunce that she will
> > be hosting a revel at their
> > > home on Saturday the 20th after the  Regional
> > Fighter Practice.  It will
> > > start about 6:00 PM.  She will be posting more
> > information later.  They have
> > > lots of room so I'd like to see lots of people
> > there.  We are going to be
> > > very busy in the next several weeks and this will
> > give us a chance to just
> > > relax and enjoy each others company.
> > >
> > > Robert
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