[Northkeep] A slightly different situation.

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Oct 10 11:00:40 PDT 2001

Maidenhair wrote:
>but ..... as i have been educated, to a newbie this little statement can be
>taken very much out of context and make a horrid impression on myself and
>the group.
>Sorry Susan for using you and kit as an example.  Don't get hurt.

No problem, actually it is funny but when you are like that with new folk
hanging out and visiting, they tend to feel like one of the group more
quickly.  It has more to do with them being involved in the conversation as
opposed to overhearing it.

This reminded me of some of the papers I was reading in the hospitaller's
files.  It had to do with not appearing too odd in public demos, my thought
was that there does need to be truth in advertising.  We need to be who we
are, so that those who are intreagued by us can follow up and find us.  We
do need to watch how and what we are at all times, because our behavior
reflects back on our local group and the society as a whole.

Perception seems to be everything and all to often, we get to busy to think
about what our actions communicate.  I loved Damon's post

<<All groups also have those with axes to grind against them. This person
may or may not, I'm not going to judge him without a face to face. Again,
not the point.>>

I have yet to meet him either, but all of my discussions through e-mail
with him have been very helpful.  He has offered me contact to a friend of
his from the Isle of Man, so I can hopefully can get some persona research
done.  He has also graciously offered to come out and help at the demo that
is planned for NSU early next month.

<<At one time, not so long ago, NK and Moonschadowe were much more
antagonistic to each other than we have been in recent years. And YES, we
CAN be insular and clanninsh. Everybody does it, that's the human thing.>>

I just recently heard of this and am so glad we are past that point in
time, please don't let us do anything that would return us to
it.  Moonschadowe is a great group and we love to play with them.  It seems
that in the just over 2 years that we have been playing this game there has
been some sort of political unease or another around Northkeep and I truely
hope it will soon be behind us, lets put it there.  We can choose who we
are to be and following the suggestion Damon makes next will help us down
that road.

<<Reread the _whole_ text of the original post. Then ask yourself, "How do
Imake sure _I'm_ not the one who turns people away?" Once you've answered
that, _and_put_it_into_action_. Enough will have been said and done.>>

Irreguardless if any of your actions are turning people away, purposfully
looking at what you do to see that you are welcoming in people, is where we
will find our growth and prosperity.  Let us put behind us the reputation
of political problems that Northkeep has had in the past and forge a new
one; where we are the friendliest, kindest and most generous Barony in the
Known World.  Our reputation will spread far and wide and everyone will go
out of there way to come and play with us.  The best way to start this is
one person at a time.  Follow the lead of our wise new leader and try to do
as Ainar did in his post to the person who disrupted our peaceful Monday
morning, he said, "I truly hope you can get over your anger and become a
productive member of our group. I welcome everyone even those I don't
personally like. So if you ever will come out in the open and admit who you
are I would love to discuss issues with you"  Wow, if we could put aside
personal likes and dislikes and interact with each other in a way designed
to make the whole game better for all, it would be.

Act together in peace and we will create it amung us,

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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