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Thanks for posting this.  I'd like a chance to respond since I was an acting
marshal and officer there.

Various remarks from "Caius Fabius aka Alexandros Dietrich"

 >I was talking to the "SCA" people at the King Arthur Fair today.  90%
 >were from >Northkeep.  I asked about my friends from Mooneshadoe, and >I
was told that the >Northkeep people had not given them "permission" >to
>Hello??? Since when did Mooneshadow need Northkeep's permission to do
> >anything fun?????

Wouldn't it be nice if humor impaired, crap stirring dullards like this wore
blaze orange propellor beanies, so the rest of us would know what we are
dealing with?
Moonshadoe needs no permission to attend a demo that was announced on the
Northern Regional List.  In fact, I'm willing to bet that I could recognize
more active members of Moonshadoe than this guy could.  Caius's math or
statistic skills are impaired, 90% of the attendees were from the excellent
Middleguard crew.  Whom I might add did an outstanding job of the demo and
were excellent hosts to all of us there.

Caius goes on to relate the further traumatic events of that Saturday:
>Also their campground was even more
>primitive and non-period than any other area that I noticed.

Caius, you are delusional, that was not a campground.  It was an area
designated for demo personnel to drop their armor and take a break between
fighting.  It was in fact behind of buildings and definitely off of the fair
concourse and I find it hard to believe he thought it was supposed to be an

Caius continues:
>I wandered back into the rest of the "SCA area" and was immediately asked
>in a >rude way, >"What are you doing here?".

This is an outright lie.  No one questioned him about his activity.  In
fact, he shortly thereafter left when he figured out that no one was
interested in his name dropping and posturing.  I believe this person's
characterization of us as rude stems from the fact that we did not kiss his

Now Caius meets the monsters of Northkeep head on!
>I said I was looking around for people I might know from the SCA.  The
>reply was >"Where >are you from?" I said (truthfully) Shawnee, Oklahoma.
>The reply was >"We're from Tulsa", >and backs were turned.

My, my Caius, your quite the drama queen.  I don't know how we turned our
backs, Caius was standing on the edge of a circle, facing seated members.
After about 5 min or so of his name dropping and generally acting like a
pompous ass, the conversation naturally shifted to something more enjoyable.

Finally Caius reveal his true "agenda," a pathetic attempt at getting some
attention by manufacturing ill feelings between Northkeep and Moonshadoe:

>I get upset anytime people talk badly about Moonshadoe, even though I
> >don't seem to have >many ties there anymore.
>I must say I had three items on my agenda, ...3. To complain about the >way
>the few people >from the Barony of Northkeep were talking down >Moonshadoe.

Anyone who had been an active member for the last 10 years would have known
that the very Northkeep fighters sitting there all have attended many
Moonshadoe events, fighter practices and are personal friends with many
Moonshadoe members.  We have stood shoulder to shoulder with Moonshadoe at
Gulf War, and jointly taken the king's battle ribbon.  Do we joke with each
other?  Yes, like all friends do.  Is there any doubt that Northkeep and
Moonshadoe have anything other than a close association?  Not in my mind.

Caius you are a liar and a  trouble maker.  You dishonor the very name of
Moonshadoe.  If you no longer reside in Moonshadoe, then I say that
Moonshadoe is richer by your absence. In short, I find you to be little more
than a pathetic wannabe, standing on the fringe yelling "Look at me!".
Please do us all a great favor and stay away if all you want to do is cause

Please feel free to repost this to the Moonshadoe list.

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