[Northkeep] King Arthur Faire

Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 10 21:54:46 PDT 2001


Last weekend's King Arthur Faire demo went very well.  And not only from the
fighting stand point.  I saw many Northkeep faces talking to fair goers and
our excellent marshals who spoke with the crowds were well received.
Special thank yous to all the gentles that helped with water, carrying
weapons, etc..  Our demo was melee combat in between the Jousting and doing
singles and melees in a smaller designated area.  This was an outstanding
success do to the enthusiasm of all our members there.  I'd like to thank
all of the members who traveled up or down the turnpike that day to
participate.  The Northern region was well represented.  Special kudos to
the fine people of Middleguard.  Willhelm and his crew of fighters did
yeoman's work and deserve recognition.  Hatur, along with his gracious lady
prepared an actual feast of several types of smoked brisket, turkey, and
homemade summer sausage, just to name a few of the items there.  If anyone
is able to attend either day this coming weekend, I promise you a good time
and excellent hosts.

For directions and more information on the King Arthur Faire:

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