[Northkeep] King Arthur's Faire

brownjl@utulsa.edu brownjl at utulsa.edu
Thu Oct 11 10:36:28 PDT 2001

Look, folks, I don't post very often.  However, I feel personnaly attacked by the post from Caius.  We, as members of the Barony, have been throug a lot, granted.  However, it is to our credit that not only have we stuck together during the times of hardship, we have the strength and courage to show our pride in our Barony by attending a demo put on by our friends in Middleguard.

As a contributing member to the demo on Saturday, I am hurt that someone would say that Northkeep has anything less than a wonderful relationship with Mooneschadowe.  This friendship allows us to poke fun at our brothers and sisters from the barony, as it does them as well.  As a result:  yes, we have some rivalry with the other group, but Northkeep holds Mooneschadowe in the highest regard.  It is important to remember that, like brothers and sisters, we joke with them, but if they ever called, we would be there in a heartbeat.

I am dismantling my soapbox, but I want everyone attending the demo, and those who are involved in the Barony of Northkeep to remember that there will always be those who attack what they want to keep others from having it.

Again, I am hurt that this attack was not general, but felt personal.  I give my best to the Barony, and Caius made me feel that my best would never be enough, or even welcomed.

Take this how you will, but enough is enough.

Catin de Mortain

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