[Northkeep] I am making apology to this list

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Thu Oct 11 13:19:31 PDT 2001


I am the Pompous Ass, (with Black Fox like build), crappy Roman armor
wearing, name-dropping, (whatever else) guy that wrote to the
Mooneshadow list and mentioned some things that were said at a NON-
SCA event where some people were putting on an SCA demo.

I am NOT a Liar, the words were said, with whatever intent.  The
events are subject to each person's viewpoint.

I do not have a bone to pick with Northkeep.  I have always enjoyed
any SCA event I attended with the great people of Northkeep.  Many of
my better SCA memories over the past 24 years have had Northkeep as
an important part.  I used to regularly travel to Northkeep to be
with people from the Barony, and to enjoy their companionship, and
their fighter practises.

I admit that my work, my responsibilities and a few other thing have
kept me away from recent events.  I apologise for not knowing
everyone from your Barony by sight and by name.

I care deeply for the dream and harmony between groups, and I was
very upset that members of a demo would talk badly about another
group, who was not attending.  I want to make sure that doesn't
happen again.  I want all SCA demos to show the best face possible,
and to attract new people to our organization.

The demo team was excellently received on the KAF tournament field,
and the crowd would have enjoyed more fighting, but the tight
schedules did not permit.  I did not mean to say anyone was not doing
their best, and I am sorry that some of my comments were construed to
mean that.  I cannot ever forget the great help the Northkeep people
gave to me personally when I was coordinating Inter-Kingdom Peace
with Calontir, and when I was doing other SCA related events in the

Please accept my apologies if I offended you personally or
collectively by pointing out some problems with my perception of a
few minutes of the "SCA demo".  This seems to be a result of my
clarifying when one person called me a liar on the Mooneshadow list.
I may do a lot of things, (drink, dance, make grape catapults, drop
names, wear crappy armor, be pompous and fat...) but I do not run
about making up stories.

If you wish to speak to me face to face, I will attend the fair next
weekend, and if my other duties permit, I would like to attend the
investing of your new Baron and Baroness.

Caius Fabius

you are welcome to email me directly with your comments, but I may
not have time to reply to them.  And I already know I can't spell,
and I am fat, so you don't have to tell me that.   :o)

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