[Northkeep] reminders was Rapier Practice Announcement

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Oct 16 23:54:30 PDT 2001

>Oh, Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It should probably go on the reminder list,
> > At 02:53 PM 10/16/01 -0500, Puck wrote:
> > >> Just a quick note to remind everyone that I will holding my usual
> > >>Rapier Practice at Woodward Park at 6pm today.
> >
> > This is every Tuesday - right?  We need to put it on the calendar.
> >
> > m/d

As a note, at this late at night and on as little sleep as I have had
recently, I don't know what I have posted where about what.  I think I made
a mention on here about cross posting things that have been posted here to
that list.  I have started a list specifically geared toward our newcomers
who have been asking me to remind them of when things are.  It is a yahoo
list functioning as a newsletter with auto reminders going out before
practices, populaces and events.  I have been working on getting the bugs
out and it seems to be doing fairly well.  If anyone wants on it, just
e-mail me with the address you want subed and who you are and I will put
you on.  I will have info about it in my Saga report, for those who do are
not on this list.

As for the pell practice and Puck's Tuesday practice, are these regularly
recurring events and would you all like them listed on there with a
reminder sent out?  Also, Faolen; I forgot to ask you on Monday what info
you would like listed on the one for A&S.  I guess I should also check on
Shoemakers also.  If you all want it on, just e-mail me the info you want
posted and I will leave it at that.

Susan the absentminded, who finds it a handy reminder of where she is
supposed to be

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