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I have a friend who is an expert in these kinds of things. He has recently
opened a business in Stillwater. I asked him your question and was lost in
the information he gave me. You can contact him at his business. Greg Majors
at 405-377-PICS. Hope this helps.
Elyssa (Ramirez's mother)
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> Greetings, before we went to KWAR in Chicago this past weekend Selwyn
> and I invested some money in a Panasonic digital video camera.  It wil
> also shoot digital stills.  It came with a USB port for the computer.
> There was a cd rom that came with it.  My problem:  I'm trying to
> capture some footage from the trip to the computer.  It's saving the
> footage as really short *.avi's.  Are those better than *.mpegs?  Is
> there any (cheap or free) software available to help me edit this?  How
> can I get it to make longer movies?  I could really use a hand here.
> flying blind,
> -Belle
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