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Add m'lord and I (and the two kiddos) to your list of attendees. If you will contact me privately w/ what spots you need filled, I can let you know where we can be of most service.


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I was looking over my sign up sheets and want to thank everyone, it looks
like we will have a great turn out.  One thing that I feel the need to say,
expecially to one dear lady who listed a ? for what she will be
demonstrating.  Being ornamental is perfectly delightful and requested.  I
would love to have many good gentals out in garb they love strolling around
enjoying themselves.  That will be wonderful.  I know that I was
intimidated about going to demos for the longest time and there is no need
to be, expecially with this one.  Just adding to the atmosphere will be
such a gift, that it will make people's day.

Looking forward to a wonderful day,


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