[Northkeep] Blood of Heroes...

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Sun Oct 21 18:27:57 PDT 2001

Was everything I hoped it would be and more!!!  I am currently huddled
up here with my computer, hoping that my blessedly sore muscles will be
able to go lift weights in the morning.

Asoph and I were very fortunate to get onto BD Rory's team.  They had a
great team, and we had an awesome time fighting.  Fighting started @
11:00 am and ended around 5:00 pm.  In a manner similar to NK's Drighton
and Provost lists, it was always better to get directly back in line
when you were done fighting.

The fighting was hard, fast, brutal (the person playing quick is ALWAYS
engaged with everybody), and fun.  The Calontir were great hosts, and
plied us with food, drink, and good company at the post-revel.

Asoph and I will be going back next year, and we hope to take a BIG team
(you need it) with us next time.

Jean Paul de Sens

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
cchipman at nomadics.com

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