[Northkeep] Contacting Ian

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Oct 29 06:29:33 PST 2001

I got an e-mail from Ian saying that he is having e-mail problems at home,
here is how to get him if you need to.

Just you let you know my email service has been
out for a few days and will be out till I can get
things fixed. If you wouldn't mind please let the
lists know so that if anyone needs to contact me
they email me here at work between 8am and 4pm and
I will respond ASAP.
jherring at upperspace.com
or...If they need fast results please use the
(918) 824-1159 day time...PLEASE ask for Mr. Jerry
Herring, if they ask for Ian no one will know who
that is..also if I am not available leave a
message with the number they can be reached at and
I will call them back.
Night time (after 5pm) they can call my home till
around 11pm (918) 825-2096

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