[Northkeep] A slightly different situation.

Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Wed Oct 10 08:17:39 PDT 2001

No, I don't wish to see NK presented in this way.  it is unfortunate that a
couple bad apples is how the group as a whole could and can be judged.

In past, when I have gone to fighter etc.  as a newbie, I stayed close to
those that made an effort to make me welcome.  After I began to learn who
others were and made conversation, it became much easier to go up to the new
faces that show up and introduce myself.

We all have different impressions, that sometimes can be taken out of
 I might say, "susan, you know if smack her hard enough, she will be quite."
I do not intend for her to actually do it, it's said in jest.

but ..... as i have been educated, to a newbie this little statement can be
taken very much out of context and make a horrid impression on myself and
the group.

Sorry Susan for using you and kit as an example.  Don't get hurt.

in service

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> I didnt say blow him off, I just wonder about his....."motives". Yes there
> are things we could do to improve.. everyone and every group can do things
> to improve theirselves. Unless I missread something... he said himself he
> should have posted it to the NK list.. and then later said he didnt want
> to
> add another list... As I said I am not saying blow him off, but we all
> must
> realize there are crackpots everywhere and if they can stir a cauldrin of
> crap they will, and with the problems NK is and has been going through we
> are  a prime target. Just my 2 cents worth.
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> > Blowing him off as just not liking us and therefore with nothing of
> relevance to say,
> > doesn't do anyone any favors.
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