[Northkeep] Tent question

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Oct 22 16:33:46 PDT 2001

>Currently I have a small tent that could be used as
>needed. It SAYS it sleeps 4 adults, but it really only
>fits 3 comfy. Susan, u may have seen it @ Baronial if
>u remember, Lenore from Talequah used it. (it was the
>blu & yellow one) I also have an xtra sleeping bag
>that I usually loan out wyth it. Slainte! ~*Muirenn*~

Thanks so, Meryn,

You were the answer to the first request.  First let me know if she will
need it again during Margrave, if not please let me reserve it for
them.  As alsways, you have been a great help.


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