[Northkeep] potatoes (was Margrave)

Charley W Brown Chass at lakewebs.net
Wed Oct 24 14:13:06 PDT 2001

Gratsi, and yes I was pestered by the period police at Castellan lol. But
like a duck I let the water roll off my back :). I prey that all of you come
to Margrave :) We are trying so hard to make the event happen and look good.
We even have a Marine who is running the To Order Omlet Bar. Zahava thank
you for the letter "and other things" :) And from all of us here in the
Canton to you in NK Vivat to the greatest barony in the Knowne World and the
best friends a group could have.

P.S. Did I mention there is going to be real stones at Margrave?? (Shameless

Chass aka Charinthalis Del Sans
aka Resident Fool
Owner Dwarvenhome Armory

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> I honestly hope that you have not been attacked by the
> period police. Miri's 2 bits on the period police--
> Period police in the right instances can be a good
> thing. For example, (and this is ONLY AN EXAMPLE
> fiction, not based on anyone or anything) a group is
> making a really big deal about having a period Turkish
> feast and serve a lot of pork and no lamb at all. It
> would be a good thing for the "period police" to go
> and inform them, that, NO, this is not correct.
> However, if there is single person- you in this case
> Chass-- who is prepairing a tavern simply to feed
> people who come and pay, with no emplyed "PERIOD FEAST
> HERE" message-- well then hopefully no one will be
> rude enough to say anything negative!
> We all need to remember that the point is to "make an
> attempt at pre-17th century" behavior.  Some peoples
> attempts are better than others-- some peoples success
> are less than what others would call good.
> my 2 bits--
> Zahava/Miri

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