[Northkeep] Lucan and Yosh as animated characters (was Demo in Tahlequah)

Stephanie Drake steldr at home.net
Tue Oct 30 07:28:53 PST 2001

Voiced by Kevin Klein and Kenneth Branaugh, IIRC.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Had
some very funny moments.

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> Susan wrote:
> > Instead of visions of sugar plums; I am seeing Lucan
> > and Yoshiie, as
> > animated characters/muppets fighting on a bridge
> > with shlagers,
> Ummmm.. have you ever seen "Road to El Durado"
> (spelling probly wrong)???????  I'm just wondering who
> was working on that project who knows those 2
> guys!!!!! For those who don't know-- it's an animated
> film about these 2 rapier-fighting con-artists who
> wind up in South America during the age of
> Conquest.... Very very funny!!
> Zahava
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