[Northkeep] Demo in Tahlequah

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Oct 31 19:01:29 PST 2001

>    You know how to lay on the flattery/guilt trip, Susan!  You will go far in
>this organization.  I can't be sure of Saturday, but if possible, I would like
>to try to make it to the garbfest Thursday night.  Can I get directions and

I will get them to you as soon as I have them.  He called me on his way to
church and said he would get it to me afterwards and as soon as I get it I
will send it on.  I have the fabric in the washer and once those two things
are done I am crashing.  Tomarrow I will get the fabric done and folded and
then set out to go to Tahlequah to put up fliers on campus and in a few
shops that had requested them and go over any final prep.  See my mom and
let her know what things I volunteered her for.  If it is any inducement,
mom should be making her incredibly wonderful chicken and dumplings with
home made egg noodles and the piece de la resistance, her absolutly perfect
ice tea.  I might even go the extra mile and clean out my 10 gallon crock
and hunt down a block of ice so we can have it with all of it's accutrements.

Also, for the revel; I have paper plates, napkins and utincils and you will
just need to bring drinking horns or your favorite mug.  I really have got
to get a list of things to take going, or I will be running all over the
place on Saturday morning.

As to my flattery, I am my father's daughter and he taught me well.  You
smile with every word and as my mom raised me to never lie, I only lay it
on where I truely feel more.  It is just some of the character traits that
were emphasised that will tell on me, ornory and contrary were valued
highly and I excelled in my training.

>Catrin, radiating feebly & with a half-life of 10,000 years (feeling every one
>of them)

The heat therapy should be good for you,

who is grinning real big and running before she pushes me off the cliff

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