[Northkeep] Singing the Praises of our dear Barony

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Sep 2 20:19:26 PDT 2001

I have yet to see a posting of acnowledgement, so will do my feeble efforts
here.  Wastelands' Defender this weekend was a delight.  The feast was a
wonderful and more food than one could eat, I was feeling disappointed that
the shortbread was in short supply and well guarded, but the lemon pie was
enough to sweep the shortbread completely out of my mind.  It was
stupendous.  Well done, Mercedes.  Ok, back in time for the day, as is
obvious mention of food will come first with me.  The rapier tourney was
excieting with with Northkeep very well represented.  It came down in the
finals to Yosh'iie and his Don, Navarre.  Age and even twinklier eyes won
out and Navarre is the new Defender.  Yosh was honored in court by Barn
with a gift he had been given at Gulf, it is a beautiful broach to keep his
red scarve secure. Magnus (as is becoming so usual) was the victor at
spear, knife and ax.  Thorvald, his friend stood in his stead to revive the
prizes as Magnus and Heather were at the hospital checking out her
contractions, I heard from Kit that they were back that night and that
Magnus went on to fight in the tourney with Thorvald, Ainar, Winfrith and
Micheal.   The climax of the evening was the torchlight tourney, I was busy
weaving and missed the fighting.  But heard that Micheal was authorized and
did well in his first tourney.  The winner fought a long, hard tourney with
many vailant opponents, one of magnificent size.  Ainar reigned supreme and
is their new Defender.  Vivat, well done and you will defend them well.

When you see these good gentles, please let them know of your pride in how
they represent out fair Barony away from home.  We heard from Jean-Paul of
the fun at Gothic and hope to hear from our troops from there soon.


if I missed anything please fill in

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