[Northkeep] Events and the Webpage

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Fri Sep 7 13:17:21 PDT 2001

On a completely different topic, I think I need to explain something in case there's any confusion for
those who haven't asked me.  Yes, I can put webpages up about upcoming events.  In fact, I'd love to.
What I can't do is generate *content* for such pages.  In plain English, the information for that event
HAS to come to me from an official source (i.e. the Autocrat/Steward or, if it can be demonstrated that
the official event coordinator is dead or missing, the Seneschal will do in a pinch).  If I don't get an official
thing from the Autocrat/Steward/whoever, all I'm doing is posting rumor (and we know how I feel about that :) )

The same is true for household listings, and so on.

Can other people put up pages for events, households, etc?  You bet.  As an example, Ciana has put up one
for the Investiture at http://www.geocities.com/northkeep/BaronialInvestiture.html that's excellent, and I've
directed the website's links to that.  The web pages for Alton's Company and the Company Ladies are also
quite qood (http://altonscompany.homestead.com/, and  http://www.geocities.com/companyladies/CompanyLadies.html?992554160430
(this latter also has a short membership listing at the Baronial page)

There are pros and cons to setting up pages elsewhere or on the Kingdom server -- neither  option's really better than the other in any objective sense.  It's what works best for the Autocrats [as a note, some other places apparently have actual restrictions on these things, such that a web-page set up not on the  "official" server is not an official site.  If we are operating under such a restriction, I don't know anything about it.  If this changes, I'll let people know].  My only request is that if such a page is created elsewhere, please
let me know so I can link to it (as Ciana did when she set up the Investiture site), and I can maintain my  carefully crafted illusion of knowing what I'm doing.

In short, I can help design your web pages, I can design one using information you have given me, but I can't do it in and of myself (unless I'm the one running the event).  This is also why I can't really design officers pages without their input.

OTOH, once it's a historical occurance -- I can write about that :)

So, if you see an event page on the Baronial web site, and it's not really helpful, talk to the Autocrat.


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