[Northkeep] Dionadair and Ensign Tournament/Trailer Party

Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Sun Sep 9 21:22:45 PDT 2001

We would like to thank everyone who came out this weekend.  Thanks to all
those who came out early to help set up, fight, list mistress, herald, water
bear, answer questions, sew, spin, work metal, display arts and sciences,
tear down and clean up afterwards. It was great to see such a high turn out
for our demo.  Susan did a wonderful job taking care of the curious
bystanders and generating so much interest with her press releases and
effervescence.  Thanks to our friends from Wiesenfeuer and Eldern Hills that
came in to help with our demo.  Vivat to Lord Angus MacKnockard, our new
Dionadair, and Lucan Silverwolf, our new Ensign!  Thanks to Lord Angus and
Lady Ciana for allowing the use of your home Saturday evening for the revel.

Thanks to Robert, Beorthlic, Elizabeta, Thorvald, Aelwyn, Etienne, Rosamund,
Susan the Curious and Faolan for helping re-sort, clean, toss, shuffle,
lift, pull, discuss, categorize, list, duct tape, re-box, and all those
other things...during our sort-out-the-stuff-in-the-trailer-day at Faolan's

See some of you tomorrow night at needleworkers, :)

Kelandra and Ian

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