[Northkeep] I'm back.

Dennis England sirbalvin at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 10 13:38:49 PDT 2001

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Hi All,

I just wanted to say greetings to all and that I plan to return to practices beginning this Wednesday.  Sounds like Francesca and I missed a fun Dionadir and revel.  See Angus you're not getting older you're getting better ;-)

Well, I was in the mountains trying to survive an early winter storm and Francesca was in OKC for a book signing and conference.  I hope you all will try to make Guardian this weekend I would like very much to hand their nice accutrements to a Northkeeper.

Of course Francesca and I will be glad to contribute to airfare for Her Majesty.  It was difficult to determine if there has been any knid of final decision on who, and how that is to be handled.  I would appreciate anyone who has the final word letting me know either on the list or privately.

Finally, many of you have expressed an interest in seeing some of Francesca's books (a.k.a. Kim Doner).  She will have a signing of her 2 newest this Thursday at Steve's Sundries from 4-7pm.  These are delightful books for anyone who wants to give an elementary aged child something to make them think while it entertains.  I think she will probably have some others available as well.  Of course, I think I could arrange signed copies for you at any other time for that matter (I'm on pretty good terms with the illustrater) if you were interested later ;-)   Any way not trying to blow my sweetheart's horn to much but I'm kinda proud of her and I know she would be glad to see any of you that wanted to stop by and say hello.

See you at practice.

I remain in service,

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