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Fri Sep 14 12:17:06 PDT 2001

Fellow SCAdians and Americans,
   Due to the time demands of this week, I have not read through all of
the e-mails that have been posted this week on the various SCA lists.
However, here I have read a few of the comments concerning the tragedy
this week, and mean no offense in sharing what I hope you will fiind a
postive story in the following.
   The radio stations I work for are broadcasting today in conjunction
with the local Wal-Mart, raising funds by various means for the NYC
Firefighters and Police Relief Fund. While there, I saw two high school
seniors from and a teacher from a small school system I worked at one
year in the 90's.
   Bear in mind the school is a very small one, and in a rural and
somewhat poor area. The year I worked in the school system, there K-12
enrollment was something like 129. Yesterday, the school sent out notes
urging coke and snack money be donated, and it was colected this
morning, and brought to the location in McAlester.
   This 'coke and snack' money came stuffed with bills in a jar, and
totalled more than $340. It is nice to see even the young  reach out to
help others  in this difficult time.
   I wish you all well this weekend, wherever we all may be.


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