[Northkeep] Guantlets for everyone

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Sun Sep 16 20:03:12 PDT 2001

I have put in a bulk order to Sir Andrew Ward of Guantlets.com
(http://www.gauntlets.com) .  Since obtaining gauntlets for new fighters can
be a difficult thing I wanted to inform other groups in the north about the
order.  I currently have 10 pairs ordered, with 8 slots filled.  The
expected start of manufacture would be October 10th, with him completing an
pair of gauntlets per day till the order is filled.  I expect that I will be
able to increase the order (or place a second order of 10) with minimum
difficulty.  Sir Andrews prices are truly wonderful, and the gauntlets are
excellent UBF ( ugly but functional gauntlets).

Prices are...
16ga Mild Steel    $60
18ga Stainless    $75
16ga Stainless    $90
.040 Titanium    $150
.050 Titanium    $200
.063 Titanium    $250

Pictures can be found on his web page

Shipping and handling is $10, but if someone orders 10 or more pairs, there
is %20 discount.  The upswing of that is that the 16 ga mild Steel are $60 +
$10 = $70 - (20% discount) = $56.

Thats cheap.  REALLY cheap.  So if you are interested, give me an e-mail and
I'll add your name to the list.  I need money for the first order by the
first week in October, and money for the second order (tentatively) by the
first week in November.

Centurion Jean Paul de Sens

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