[Northkeep] Mooneschadowe results....

Stephanie Drake steldr at home.net
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I thought the event went very well, despite the rain.  I admit that I took a
nap in the afternoon and missed some things, and I missed the tournament due
to the Reeve class.  But I had a good time.  :)   Emma posted a list of
awards and winners earlier - I've included that below.


Guardian: Sir Asoph Hearts
A&S: Lady Toinette de Cambrai
Bardic: HL Fionnagain (Dubh?)
Knife/Axe/Spear: Lord Eric Bloodaxe
Chess: Centurian Jean Paul de Sens
Archery: (not held due to rain. Later!)

Owen ap Aeddan Comet - Rundel
Elyssa de Orozco AoA
Ramirez de Orozco Rising Star
Toinette de Cambrai Comet - Mooneschadowe
Haldane Sparhawk Thistle - Heraldic Art
Doireann ingen ui Brolchain Comet - Mooneschadowe
Wolfger von Siebenburgen Thistle - Heraldic Art
Liadan of Sparrowhaven Thistle - Cooking
Katrina de Bartelo Rising Star (Northkeep)
Lilas MacGuffin Comet - Mooneschadowe
Ivo Blackhawk Comet - Mooneschadowe
Walter Robin Thistle - Period Rapier Style
Helene Quivremont Thistle - Dance
Emma de Fetherstan Comet - Mooneschadowe
Chandranath Mitra Sable Crane

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> So...
> For those of us unable to attend, how did the event go?
> Rowan
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