[Northkeep] Polling B

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Fri Sep 28 19:31:08 PDT 2001

Per the previous message, a web site is now up with the directions to
the baronial polling.  Having choked my email system one last time
before leaving town, I have managed to get back a message that
Diarmaid sent me over five hours ago.  He did get the material and
was going to try and get it up on the Northkeep web site tonight.

Until the Northkeep site copy is up, or Diarmaid - you are welcome to
just point a link at the URL below (I'm the webmaster by default and
can give corporate permission for this), all members of the populace
are welcome to use the following URL for directions, instructions,
and a map:  http://www.bswintl.com/sca/poll.html

Sorry my company's email server slowed down getting this out.  I have
no one to blame but me (not even an ISP) since I'm the network

Seigneur Etienne

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