[Northkeep] What happened...

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Sun Sep 30 13:13:01 PDT 2001

Our seneschal asked me to post this note and update everyone on what
happened at the polling.

There was not a final decision made at the polling.  Her Majesty
called His Majesty and they will continue to discuss the candidates
this week.  The decision will be announced at Crown Tourney at the

If you were not at the polling and have not already mailed your
ballot, please do so tonight or as early as possible tomorrow
(Monday).  Her Majesty expressed that they might make a decision
before Crown.  So if you have not submitted a ballot, please do so
tonight or tomorrow morning.

What should be included in a mail-in ballot has been discussed in
previous emails.  If you need a reminder, just ask and someone will
post again or see the letter from Her Majesty on the baronial web

On other notes, Susan has already announced and congratulated our
newest Don (Puck).  Also of Northkeep interest, Yoshi received an
Iris this weekend.

In Service,

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